Veronica Ballestrini

Veronica Ballestrini: About

Singer-songwriter Veronica Ballestrini was born in 1991 and raised in Waterford, Conn., and comes from a family of four brothers and one sister. She began playing piano and singing at age 6 and was soon performing around her hometown at fairs and talent contests. She became a songwriter at 11 and started playing guitar at 13. The winner of several national talent contests, Ballestrini launched her MySpace page in late 2005. Having only cover songs at the time, she still managed to begin building a devoted fan base. The interest she generated on the Internet eventually caught the attention of several Nashville record producers and labels. She was 15 when a visit to Nashville led to a recording session with several noted studio musicians. Ballestrini's MySpace page had attracted 120,000 friends while generating 7.5 million page views and 11.5 million plays of her music.