A look at the top House female vocalists in Mzansi

16 August 2018
House vocalist who add that extra flavour in songs.

House music, the cornerstone of all party starters in South Africa, if your party doesn't have House music blaring through the speakers then you, dear friend, have no business hosting one.

As House progressed into becoming one of the most popular genres of music in the country, throughout the years, we've seen numerous DJ's and vocalists take the genre to even greater heights.

Through their talents, we've also been introduced to a number of great female House vocalists who have featured on many hit songs in the past years. Songs that have left us with memorable experiences thanks to the vocals that these singer placed on the House tracks

In no particular order, here are some of our favourite female House vocalists
Bongi Dube

We don't know why Bongi stopped making music, or maybeshe hasn't it's just that we haven't heard a song from her ever since shereleased songs like Ngifuna Wea and Go Around.  Come back Bongi we needyou! According to Daily Sun, Bongi has just released a new single titled Benginawe thesingle will soon be available on Sound Cloud


Apart from her serving us her amazing thigh gamewhenever she's on stage, it's no secret that Mpumi deserves a spot on thislist our current favourite song from her is Ngize featuring Professor.

She needs no introduction, Bucie also runs this House vocalist run very well.
Although she considers herself to be more of an Afro-soul rather than House vocalist, we think Maleh should position herself firmly into the House music market. Remember when she featured on Qness' hit song title – Uzongilinda? Oh man! What a jam that was.

Can a House DJ please feature Maleh on a super dope track because that's where she belongs.
Laday Zamar
With her duo debut album with Junior Taurus, titled Cotton Candy and hit songs like PretoriaMamelodi and most recently her feature on Prince Kaybee's single, Charlotte , Lady Zamar is well on her way to becoming our favourite House vocalist.
Zanda Zakuza
For those who are not stern House music fans, Zanda featured on DJ Mdix hit song Umvulo which definitely had us on our feet dancing, to be fair, we think the decision to put Zanda on the track was a good move by DJ Mdix. Her vocals made the song sound way much better.

We especially loved Moneoa's vocals on DJ Bongz singleEya Papu. Whether it be house, Afro Soul or R&B Moneoa has the talent to doall vocals.

Xoli M

And let's not forget the beautiful Xoli M who has worked with the likes of Black Motion and many other DJ's who have laced her vocals on their tracks.
Zinhle Ngidi
We'd be skinned alive if we didn't add Zinhle on this list as well. She's responsible for a few hit songs that have made our December holidays memorable.
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