Black Coffee speaks to Complex UK

12 October 2017
DJ Black Coffee is elevating his status by the month and now that he’s firmly established himself as a global DJ, he’s getting attention from every single corner of the entertainment industry. This week, Black Coffee sat down to speak to Complex Magazine’s website for a dope interview.

In the interview, Black Coffee touches on some diffic

ult subjects, including the racism that he

often feels when he


s in certain parts of the world:


It's there. Every now and then, it surfaces

but it's not just in my country. I travel every day

and, today, I had two flights to get here [London]. M

ost of the time I fly from Barcelona to Berlin,

I'm the only black person in the airport and I see the

looks. I grew up knowing that I'm black, and

racism is there, but sometimes it's not in the form of


it can be like today. I tried to enter

priority boarding with my pass, and the guy didn't even

want to look at my boarding pass. He

said, "Go back to the normal queue." Nowadays, when I

travel, I am always on my toes


ready for what could happen.


He also spoke about the black/white divide and people


s love for Cape Town:


Everyone I meet in Europe tells me they love Cape Town,

but in my head, I know that doesn't

mean they have truly experienced South Africa. Cape To

wn is such an international city;

everyone whose been to Cape Town will tell you how Eur

opean they think it is

which is a good

thing, in part. But if you are in Africa, you should

feel like you are actually in Africa. Yes, go to

Cape Town, but also you must see the rest of Africa.


Follow the link below to read the full interview:


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