Entertainers with albinism who are an inspiration

1 November 2018
These guys are seriously smashing the label.

There was a time in South African media when people with albinism were scarce as an Indian boxer. It was not a norm to have a strong and frequent representation of such people in the media space. 

In recent times, however, there has been quite a fair representation of this beautiful and unique breed of human beings, whereby we have witnessed them securing well-deserved seats at prestigious tables.

SABC 1's soapie, Uzalo, is currently running a powerful storyline about the hunting and killing of albino's in our society. The aim of this particular storyline is to change the general narrative around people with albinism as they are perceived, (according to our African society) to possess some kind of supernatural powers and thus making it the primary reason behind numerous senseless albino killings.

When one takes a glance at fashion pages and television screens, you are bound to spot a few albino faces. These select few batch of people have made impeccable strides in their respective careers including; Fashion, Acting and Television Presenting; and just like most of us, they too have gone through trying times but they were able to pull themselves out of those dark moments in their lives.
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PLEASE READ! The only thing that differentiates me from you is my lack of pigmentation & my struggling eyesight..& these things are apparently labelled under "disability"...albinism is categorised under disability. Crazy hey 😂! But what if I told you that we all have a disability... you are sitting there thinking whaaaat not me (take no offense to this because of a stigma created by negayivity where there shouldn't) 🤔 Yes we all do in some way, shape or form... whether it's physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually or even financially...WE ALL HAVE A DISABILITY because ultimately, NOBODY IS BORN PERFECT... It's just that our inabilities differ from person to person some obvious & some not so obvious... & the only thing is that, the world tries to make people feel like some are better or worse off than others which shouldn't be the case, when God created us uniquely as we are. Tuth is, we all have a struggle of some sort that makes life interesting & pushes us to go beyond what we deem as a flaw... the difference is your reaction to that struggle... your ability to tap into your superhumaness! 🔥 Do you allow the world to make you feel you can't do something NO Do you allow yourself to feel any less of a person...NO Do you allow what may be harder to limit you from living your life HELL NO. And these are just some of the things we should be asking ourselves This thought was inspired by the fact that it's #AlbinismAwarenessMonth & yes I didn't shout & scream about it because I believe a lot should go beyond just a month of putting a spotlight on a constant social issue.. it's a lifetime thing... where generations to come need to keep acquiring the knowledge & understanding. Let's not forget that nothing in life is cast in stone...& sometimes we need to unlearn things to create a better understanding of our own existence. #FoodForThought 💛 #GodsBabygirl 💛 #Vanillablaq #LovePersonified 💛 #Khaleesi 💛 #Spirit 💛 #Gratitude #GodAtWork #Inshallah #VanillablaqMagic #Visionary #RadioHost #AfricasFirstSuccesfulModelWithAlbinism #TVHost #Model #MC #Speaker #VoiceOverArtist #Actress #Activist #CNNAfricanGameChanger #OprahsPowerList2013 #GloryToGod

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Refilwe Modiselle has defied numerous odds in her impressive career thus far. The actress, tv host and model was once dubbed as someone to look out for by American television powerhouse, Oprah Winfrey's annual 'Power List…'Refilwe is not here to play games.
We first had a glance at this talented actress, Michelle on Mzansi's Magic's, Isibaya as Zakithi. She took South Africa by storm as many marvelled at her acting skills and of course beauty. Michelle is pretty much still new in the world of television therefore a lot more can be expected from this ambitious actress.
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#Repost I'll soon be presenting my thoughts at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz in Germany. I hope to share, listen, learn, grow and hopefully take back some insight that can be utilized for improving issues surrounding albinism. The journey of change is long but worth travelling. @christopherhohl thank you for the invitation :) ・・・ At our conference 'Different Shades of White: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Albinotic Body', participants present papers that discuss albinism in historical, social, aesthetic and/or political perspective. We are interested in the varying perception, performance, representation, framing and treatment of albinism across different times and in several locales. How does the presentation of albinism differ in medicine, art photography, fictional literature or in the humanities and social sciences? The conference brings together experts from inside and outside academia to foster dialog and exchange about practical, political, artistic and scholarly perspectives. With keynote lectures by Ikponwosa Ero, UN Independet Expert @unalbinism, and Charlotte Baker, Lancaster University. Presentations by Enrico Pasini, University of Turin, Medard Djatou, Ruhr-University Bochum, Oluwole Coker, Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Giorgio Brocco, Free University Berlin, S. Kathrin Hoff, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, @josephattorner, Josephat Torner Foundation Europe, Charles Carnegie, Bates College, Matthias Krings, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, @thandohopa model, lawyer and activist, @christopherhohl, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Nadja Gernalzick, University of Vienna and Arturo Beckles, University of Edinburgh. Contact: albinism@uni-mainz.de CfP: http://www.ifeas.uni-mainz.de/3203.php #Albinism #AchtionOnAlbinism #ShineALight #AlbinismIsBeautiful #AlbinismBeauty

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Thando Hopa 


is a well known top model in South Africa and has worked with renowned fashion designers that would leave some seething with jealousy. Thando has had her own fair share of challenges however she has always risen above it all.


Not much is known about this Durban born model. However his face is quite a regular when one takes a glance at fashions pages and runways. Sanele is passionate about his sizzling modelling career and has also taken part in dialogues regarding bringing awareness about people with albinism in our society.
Even though legendary actress and TV executive, Leleti Khumalo is not exactly an albino, her stance to not cover up her skin with make up on etv's  Imbewu serves as an inspiration to people living with a skin condition as hers – Vitiligo. Leleti has finally accepted her skin condition and is brave to stand tall in public.

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