The Top 5 celebrity hang out spots

1 November 2018
Have you bumped into any of these ZAlebs from the mentioned hang out spots?

Imagine one day you are going about your typical weekend fun outing and then BOOM! , you bump into one or even two of your faves.

And then you think to yourself, :"Wait, but what is Bonang doing here?" 

It then dawns on you that perhaps you and your favourite celeb could be hanging out in the same circles.

Today we profile top hang out spots that some of our favourite celebs frequent, these are not farfetched hang out spots, hence they are very much within our range.

#1 Tasha's 

This popular eat out spot became infamous after double amputee Oscar Pistorious accidentally fired a gunshot inside the eatery. However, that is not the only thing that it is known for. The eatery provides scrumptious meals that have left ordinary patrons and celebrities' alike coming back for more.

#2 Eyadini  

Zodwa Wabantu is not the only attraction to this hip establishment, freshly braai'd meat is served in droves to frequent and not so new patrons.

#3 Taboo 

This is probably the most celebrity-frequented spot around, with media personalities, Bonang Matheba and Thando Thabethe selecting the venue to hosts their birthday celebrations, respectively.

#4 Fourways Farmers Market

 It has become somewhat a norm to spot the Fourways farmers market hashtag on Instagram. Most of our celebrities often spend their downtime at this spot.

Honourary Mention 

The Wing Republic: This establishment came about in 2014, it has therefore grew to become a top eating spot for some of favourite ZAlebs.

DJ Black Coffee has also popped at the eatery.

#5 Maboneng Precinct

Maboneng has a variety of spots that celebs usually frequent. This includes Pata Pata for that wholesome scrumptious meal, The Bioscope for the moviegoers and the origins for that cup of coffee.


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