Banky W, Wizkid, Skales kick off EME US tour

11 July 2012
Almost a month after releasing their first ever Empire Mates Entertainment (EME) all-star album, ‘Empire Mates State of Mind’, Wizkid, Banky W, Skales and other EME acts have kicked off the label’s debut US tour.

The multi-city tour began on July 4 when Banky W, Skales, Rotimi and Wizkid graced Houston with an amazing performance. Three days later (with the exception of Banky W), the EME boys also hit Dallas.

According to the record label, the tour will cover nine states in North America, including New York, Chicago, Texas, and Atlanta. Banky W, Wizkid, Skales, some EME stars as well as EME associates, American singer with Nigerian heritage Rotimi, and half-Nigerian, half-Ghanaian rapper XO Senavoe (who featured last year in the Nigerian BET Awards Cypher) will also touch down in the Canadian city of Toronto.

The label says it’s also working on a pan-Nigeria tour, with details to be announced soon.

The North American tour ends on Sunday September 2 2012. See the full schedule below.

Full EME Tour Schedule

July 4 - Houston (Banky W/Wizkid/Skales/Rotimi) Presented by EME, Jr 'The Mayor' Martins, Fela of It's On Fashion

July 7 - Dallas (Wizkid/Skales/Rotimi) presented by Big A Ent and Townkrier

July 20 – Toronto, Canada (Wizkid/Skales) presented by Microbell Entertainment

July 21 – Vancouver, Canada – presented by Microbell Entertainment

July 28 - NYC (Banky W/Wizkid/Skales/Rotimi) presented EME and Audacyti Ent

July 29 – Providence, Rhode Island – A charity event presented by HP Family Entertainment

Aug 10 - Mpls (Wizkid/Skales/Rotimi) presented by AQ2 Entertainment

Aug 11 - Calgary (Wizkid/Skales) presented by Microbell Entertainment

Aug 18 - ATL (Banky W/Wizkid/Skales/Rotimi/XO) presented by EME, Konvict, Mr De Ja Vu & Takeover DJs

Aug 25 - DC (Banky W/Wizkid/Skales/Rotimi/XO) presented by EME

Sept 1 - Chicago (Banky W/Wizkid/Skales/Rotimi/XO) presented by EME and Afrobeat Productions

Sept 2 - NYC/Nigerian Ent Awards (Banky W/Wizkid/Skales/Rotimi/XO)

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