17 February 2017

cassper says he’s the biggest hip hop act in africa

If you travel across Africa and mention that you’re a hip hop lover from South Africa, most people will ask you if you’re Team AKA or Team Cassper. Although their beef has long died down, it definitely shaped the course of South African hip hop and elevated them both to a continental level.
Now, however, they’re no longer beefing and it’s safe to say that Cassper came out on top after everything was said and done. Now, however, Cassper believes he’s the top rapper on the continent.
During an interview with Slikour On Life, Cassper revealed that he thinks he’s the best in the game.
“Go to America now and ask them about African hip-hop and there is one name that will always pop up and that's because of the things we have done here, the Dome, Orlando, all that stuff”
He also revealed that he has no intentions of leaving Africa any time soon.
“I am doing it all from here. My strategy has changed. It is better to do it from home. I am the biggest hip-hop act on the continent so why not practice on the continent? They know me in Africa”
Not everyone agrees with the boy though:
What are your thoughts on Cassper’s comments?
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