Drake is working with Beyonce

17 April 2015
Drake has teamed up with Beyoncé on a song for his new album.

Fresh from snogging the face off Madonna (even if it wasn’t by choice!), the rapper spoke to Four Pins about two new tracks on his forthcoming LP, Views From The 6.

And, his musical link to Jay Z’s wifey doesn’t end there, with Drake also paying tribute to the star on his tune, 'Girls Love Beyoncé'.

Drake - Hold On We're Going Home (Ft. Majid Jordan)

As well as hitting the studio with Queen B, Drizzy also revealed he's written a song which he "expects to inspire a paradigm shift".

Drake is set to headline Coachella for the second time this weekend (minus Madge), with the star also due to hit the road with Future next month in the US.

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