Exclusive Goldie Interview!

7 February 2013
Weeks prior to the starlet's untimely death, we got a chance to interview Goldie on her new music, her provocative style and what made her wake up feeling sexy! She truly was an icon in the making, our condolences go out to her family, friends and adoring fans - R.I.P. Goldie.

MTV Base: What should we expect from your new album?

Goldie: Basically, it's tagged the 'African invasion' album and I'm seeking to work with ten of the top African acts across the continent. We have the three "naughty" singles which are the first singles to drop off the album and they are "Miliki" featuring Navio from Uganda, "Give It To Me" featuring J. Martins from Nigeria and "Skibobo" featuring A.Y. from Tanzania. I tagged those "naughty" singles because they are very suggestive and playful.

MTV Base: Define "suggestive and playful."

Goldie: [laughs] When you listen to the songs and watch the videos, you will understand! Naughty…

MTV Base: OK… I think people understand what "naughty" means! So what will make this album different from your other albums apart from it having artists from all over Africa?

Goldie: Well, I actually think that's what will make it different. I am going all over Africa so I'm not just in my own bubble. I make sure that each time I record with these artistes I go to their own country. I went to Tanzania to record. I went to Uganda to record. I actually went to South Africa to record with Bonganie Fassie, but that one didn't make the "naughty singles" because it wasn't naughty. [laughs]

MTV Base: Tell us about your fashion/ fashion sense.

Goldie: Umm… Well, everything about me is naughty and a bit quirky. But umm… still provocative. Let's use that word: provocative. I think that is how I will describe my fashion sense. It will leave you talking. Good, bad: you will speak about it.

MTV Base: Ooh, we like that! "Good, bad: you will speak about it." So what exactly do you have for your fans in terms of fashion over the next year?

Goldie: Uhh… We're going for a more girl-next-door appeal this time. Because of the tag "African invasion" album, we're trying to go a little less edgy and more provocatively sexy instead of the edgy and bizarre. I'm going more with the "OK, I can rock that."

MTV Base: From the three "naughty" singles, which is your favourite?

Goldie: "Miliki" with Navio from Uganda.

MTV Base: Why?

Goldie: Because Navio is very hot. [laughs]. He's a dope rapper. The song can put you in the mood. If I wake up in the morning and listen to that song, I feel sexy instantly.

MTV Base: So you feel "sexy in the morning"?

Goldie: Yes, when I listen to "Miliki".

MTV Base: Define "I feel sexy in the morning".

Goldie: It means that I can go out there and take on the world. You know when you feel sexy, you feel in control. You feel that no-one can touch you unless you want to be touched and you just feel like there's something about you that people around you want to be a part of.

MTV Base: We like that "no one can touch you unless you want to be touched" bit. Is there anything else in particular that you want your fans to know concerning yourself, your music and your fashion?

Goldie: Well, you can follow me on Twitter @goldieharvey or like my Facebook page. That's it really.

MTV Base: OK, here's our last question. If you were going to compare yourself to an international artist, who would it be and why?

Goldie: It's really, really crazy. I can't see myself doing that. The lines have been blurred so much that I'm not similar to any one artist. I can't compare myself to anyone because there is now so much that I can do. I mean, I love Madonna and when I did "Jawo Jawo" a lot of people compared me to her because she did a song called "Material Girl". 'Til today, they actually still call me "Jawo Jawo" but I can actually be a lot more than that.

MTV Base: Is there anything about you that you want people to know about you that you think they don't know, especially when it comes to your music?

Goldie: [sighs] Let's see… When I'm on stage, I like to dramatize my songs. I like to create little movies. I don't want to just come on stage and perform, I prefer to have little stage plays. When you come to a show and watch me, you are actually seeing a live representation of what my music meant to me while I was recording it.

MTV Base: Alright, thank you very much.

Goldie: [laughs] I hope you got something!

We sure did: thanks again Goldie!

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