11 January 2017

is zola with mabala noise? label sets the record straight

I’ll never forget the day that Mabala Noise launched. They lived up to their name by being the only topic of conversation in the country for a few days. They released a mad roster of artists and one of the names that stood out was Zola.
While things have definitely gone well for other Mabala artists, Zola has not really taken off in the same way. Suddenly, it began to appear as if Zola wasn’t even with the label anymore. Had something happened behind the scenes?
Not quite, but Mabala has set the record straight this week. Mhlo Gumede, the spokesperson for Mabala Noise, spoke to Tshisa Live and said:
“We really wanted to sign him and even unveiled him with our other artists because the deal to sign him was so close to being completed. But unfortunately we had to put the deal on ice because of a contractual issue”
Gumede did add, however, that the label still has a working relationship with Zola.
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