Jay Z And Beyoncé lose out

22 December 2014
There is a man who was brave enough to go up against Jay-Z and Beyoncé in a bidding war for a mega mega mansion, and win.

Minecraft creator Markus 'Notch' Persson, whose company was bought by Microsoft for a staggering $2.5billion earlier this year, snapped up the property in Beverly Hills, California in what is the highest price ever paid for a house in the area.

According to Curbed, Jay Z and Beyonce were expected to win the palace, but Notch beat them to it.

Now are you ready to hear what the house includes? Brace yourselves:

A candy room (M&M towers included)

A 54-foot curved glass door that opens onto the pool

Eight bedrooms

15 bathrooms

Apartment-sized closets

A movie theatre

A 16 car garage

A replica of a James Deans motorcycle

Oh and toilets that cost $5,600 each.

To rub it in further, Notch has tweeted a pic of himself in the mansion, enjoying the view of M&Ms.

Though Jay and Bey shouldn't be too downcast, what with already boasting several properties across the globe, as well as also being on the hunt for a Parisian pad.

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