Madonna snogs Drake

13 April 2015
Drake got more than he bargained for when Madonna crashed his set at Coachella Sunday (April 12).

The Queen of Pop surprised festival goers at the LA event by joining Drizzy on stage for a rendition of ‘Madonna’ - a track from his new mixtape “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”.

Wearing a black vest-top baring the phrase ‘Big As Madonna’, the superstar then performed a medley of her own hits ‘Hung Up’ and ‘Human Nature’… when the unthinkable happened.

As Drake sat down on a chair, Madge came up behind him and started snogging the 'Worst Behaviour' rapper - much to his (and the rest of crowd's) surprise.

But, it was Drizzy’s reaction to locking lips with Madonna that has gone viral this morning, with the 28-year old appearing to wipe his mouth in horror.

“I’m Madonna, b*tch”, the singer exclaimed as she left the stage, with Drake laughing: “What the f**k just happened?”

For Drake's sake, here’s hoping she didn’t notice his reaction…

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