19 June 2017

navio lined up for world music week celebration

Ugandan musicians are doing everything they can to put their music on the map and we've seen it again this week when local rapper, Navio was lined up for the World Music Week Celebration which will be taking place in Kampala, Uganda.
A description of the event:
"The concert is part of the World Music Week celebrations that will be preceded by a poetry session, rap competition and perfume concert which will be headlined Laurent Assoulen, a pianist and jazz composer who combines perfume and music.
Other artists on the line-up include Haka Mukiga & Apio Moro, James & Giovanni, Jackie Akello & Mame N'Diack, Faizal Monstrixx, Sylvester & Abramz, Joram MC, Breakdance Project Uganda, and Kongoloko."
If you've never seen Navio live before here's what to expect: