17 February 2017

what zim hip hop needs in order to be africa’s best

A lot of exciting things are happening in Zimbabwean arts and culture and the hip hop scene is a big part of the reason why. The rap lane is growing into a genuine option for making it and in the past years we’ve seen rappers making it in Africa and beyond.
There are some exciting talents coming out of Bulawayo, Harare, Chitungwiza and even some of Zim’s smaller towns. Last year we were excited by the achievements of people like Awa who made their way all the way to Germany:
She’s not the only person who is giving us reasons to be excited. The likes of Sharky, Junior Garnet and Tehn Diamond have proven that with talent and collaboration are the keys to success in this game.
Now we think the next step for Zim hip hop is to seriously invest in the products. Rappers need to look clean and polished up in music videos and they need to be pushing hard on social media too.
As well as that we’d love to see more support for producers. Take a look at successful hip hop markets around the world and you will see that producers are almost as famous as rappers (e.g. DJ Khaled in the States and Tweezy in South Africa).
Zimbabwe has the potential to produce some of Africa’s hottest talents but only if we continue to see investment.
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